Fun Accordion Lesson.

A Beginners DVD


Have fun, learn the scales, the easy songs with advanced musical secrets & improvisation skills. Songs include;Twinkle Twinkle, Happy Birthday,‘Peter and The Worlf’, ‘The Bird Dance’ and more.

Free Online lessons

Gypsy Accordion Lessons DVD for all levels.

Tips & Tricks, Songs and Scales, Gypsy Secrets. Every lesson starts from a very basic level and continues to hard core improvisation. Perfect for all levels; Beginners can learn from very basic notes and observe the Advance teachings while others can take off!!!

Lesson 1 - Introduction to the Cm Gypsy Minor Scale as well as using the G Chord for Full Results to Improvise for ever.

Lesson 2 - Now that you’ve mastered the Cm Gypsy Key you can Add the Fm, The next minor element to compose songs.

Lesson 3 - The same applies for all keys, now learn the same scale on Dm and get new fresh results, new sound, new tricks.

Lesson 4 - Add the next Element to create perfect songs and improvisation- The Gm chord and Gypsy scale.

Lesson 5 - Everything you’ve learned works on Em key with B & Am Chords. New sounds, New Magic, New feel, New energy.

Lesson 6 - It works on ALL KEYS. Discover the key of Am with E and Dm changes, improvise and become a great accordion player.

Lesson 7 - Learn an Italian Gypsy Song ‘Bella Caio’ on Dm, play the song, hit the groove, improvise forever.

Lesson 8 - ‘Bessame Mucho’ All time Classic song from Mexico, soulful, rhythmical, simple and powerful chord changes to improvise.

Lesson 9 - ‘Those were the days’ - The most Popular Gypsy Russian Tune, translated to most European Languages.

Lesson 10 - ‘A Taste Of More’, My accordion lessons reveal powerful Gypsy musical tricks- Here are some more secrets for the Am key.

Accordion Lessons
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Comments from students

Amazing Assi, This is a superb deal lots of material to work on,

I appreciate the free lessons on youtube, they've been a great help as well..

Take care friend peace to you...

Scott Riley, USA

I do have some books with accordion lessons, but it has to be said that I was very surprised when I found you on You Tube. I never found such a clear explication. For me, at my age (55), it gives me a great motivation studying the instrument.Go on this way! Enjoy the music! Thanks for all!

Patrick Cardoen, Belguim

I have found this to be the most well understood  tuition  for those that  do not want to  get to technical , but also Assi  has a excellent way of showing  you  what he is doing  as the lesson s  go on..  a wonderfully  well created Dvd indeed  easy  to follow & progress.

Colin Hull, England

I just wanted to tell you thank you for the online accordion lessons! I plan on buying your DVDs very soon. I recently picked up an old Gretsch LaTosca and have not been able to put it down since I bought it. Your lessons are really, REALLY helpful and easy to understand. Thanks so much!!

:) Kristy Michele Barnes

i just downloaded your 1st DVD videos..

it was very informative and download dvd great quality,

im also considering buying the album with your song "off to india"

loved it :)

best of luck, Brian

I am not a beginner however I need to "start again''. I had an industrial accident over ten years ago and could not comfortably play in that time so stopped altogether. I need something to inspire me and your lessons might do the trick, without me feeling any pressure. I was not very advanced when I had to stop (beginning of Palmer Hughes book 4).

I like what I percieve is your musical attitude - professional and fun. The prospect of simple songs in a variety of keys with some sort of structure so that 'learning' occurs almost unwittingly, will be perfect for me. I've got a nice instrument that is calling for some attention !! All the best, Hugo.

-Its ok i got bout  another 50 years to  learn  to play  like you do lol ...  but   you  sure  got me  hooked on  the russian folk assi , getting  there  with  this stradella bass @ last lol after playin dance band  as just  a chord  man , should been  @ this long time ago any way enjoyin  all your good  lessons  so far, kindest regards  Assi ...wish you & your family all the best. Colin Hull, UK

just started 1st lesson. i am fired up now! i could see the basic gypsy scale before but did not realize the importance of the 6. you rock Assi!

Pete Denton, USA

Thank you for all of the wonderful accordion lessons and I am practicing everyday.  OH SUCH JOY!!  I so appreciate all of these enchanted keys you have given to me to unlock the secrets that are held within.  I am just beginning to see and hopefully the light will shine brighter each day that I play. You are a divine blessing Assi!!    

Jaquelin Johnson, Hawai

I've been in a band for several years learning accordion along the way. Never have had a lesson, but took piano lessons young. I enjoy the traditional songs, but have yet to learn any. I'm working on Tarantella. Glad I found your videos on YouTube.

Shelly Goodin, USA

this is exactly what i was looking for the last 20years. Online music teaching! Easy not boring, gives time to practice, when i am free(not often)...great job

jerome pelletier doisy, United Arab Emirates


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10 Gypsy Lessons


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